Caring For Our Environment

Everyone at Casa Verde Lodge is dedicated to protecting our unique and precious environment.  We support local businesses who share our vision and we do not buy from multi-nationals or any company which does not have a clear, verifiable environmental policy in place.


Water bottle refill

To help reduce the catastrophic waste generated by plastic water bottles we have a water refill station in the reception where you can refill your bottles at very low cost. The water we offer comes from a local mountain spring and is produced by a local community under strict license from the government. It is absolutely delicious and the money collected goes straight back to benefit that community.


Swimming Pool

We are all aware that water is a precious natural resource so at Casa Verde we have installed a unique rain water collection system to feed our pool. Guests will notice the difference immediately as the water is beautifully soft and at the same time the use of chlorine is reduced to an absolute minimum, which is beneficial to both your skin and your health in general.


Puerto Viejo has a recycling service for plastic bottles which passes by weekly. You can throw away your plastic bottles and waste in any of the bins at Casa Verde with full confidence they will be sorted and responsibly recycled.

Solar Energy

Casa Verde is converting to solar energy. At present 50% of our rooms have solar powered hot water and by the end of 2018 we will have these systems installed throughout the hotel.


We have installed a new and innovative water treatment system in our cleaning area. The water used to clean the hotel is treated with an extra molecule of oxygen which completely removes the need for any chemical cleaning products. This system is fast becoming recognised by large institutions such as hospitals as being environmentally responsible while at the same time it causes no allergic reactions and is totally harmless to people, plants and animals. It also eliminates a huge amount of plastic waste from product containers.


 Personal Hygiene and Laundry Products 

The clear gel you will find in your bathroom is a combined shower gel and shampoo produced by a local company. This product is completely biodegradable and is very gentle on your skin.

Our laundry soap is produced by the same company to the same standard.